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Using Waggler Floats

Techniques of fishing with waggler floats.

Fishing on the drop.

Fishing on the drop is a technique used with waggler floats where the fish take the bait as it falls through the water. But if they don’t take it as it falls, leave it on the bottom for a while before re-casting just in case a fish takes a fancy to it when it has settled. Chuck a few maggots (or whatever else you are using for bait) in each time you cast. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Top Coarse Fishing Tips To Improve Your Angling Skills Skills

Top coarse fishing tips that can land you more fish

OK, so you have heard it all before … yeah, yeah, yeah. Everone is spreading the love and giving out top coarse fishing tips left right and centre. But when it comes down to it, are they useful? Usually not as they don’t quite go far enough to give any truly useful information. Or if they are on US based sites, you have to get through so much waffle you cant even see the tip. Nor can the writer!

Right then, I’ll cut the crap (or is that carp?) and hit you with the tips …
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The Forgotten Art of Float Fishing

In these days where Carp angling is the most popular branch of the sport, float fishing has become a forgotten art. But for those that care to learn this simple discipline, hours of great sport can be their reward.

Float fishing is one of the simplest and best forms of bite detection. You can use a float to catch all of the species of coarse fish and indeed for some it is the best method to use. Using a float gives you the ability to spot even the most timid bites as soon as they occur and offers you the advantage of stealth by causing very little disturbance as you cast your bait into your chosen swim.It is a simple method to learn but not so easy to master. Read the rest of this entry »