3 Top Coarse Fishing Tips To Improve Your Angling Skills Skills

Top coarse fishing tips that can land you more fish

OK, so you have heard it all before … yeah, yeah, yeah. Everone is spreading the love and giving out top coarse fishing tips left right and centre. But when it comes down to it, are they useful? Usually not as they don’t quite go far enough to give any truly useful information. Or if they are on US based sites, you have to get through so much waffle you cant even see the tip. Nor can the writer!

Right then, I’ll cut the crap (or is that carp?) and hit you with the tips …

Top coarse fishing tips: number 1

This is for beginners. Read. Read. Read. The more you read, the more will sink in. Read weekly publications, monthly publications and books. You will soon find that you pick up loads of useful snippets. From the periodicals, keep a scrapbook so that you have all the useful bits readily to hand. If you take no notice of the other coarse fishing tips you find, take heed of this one!

Coarse fishing  tip 1a – if you only ever buy one book, let it be  The Coarse Fishing Handbook: A Guide to Freshwater Angling. This is written by Tony Miles, has more than 40 years’ coarse fishing experience and has fished all over Britain and France, specialising in specimen hunting. Tony was a leading feature writer for various coarse fishing magazines so he really knows what he is on about.

Top coarse fishing tips: number 2

Fish as many different types of water as you possibly can. This will force you to adapt your styles and to learn new techniques. I mean really learn new techniques. Reading about them in books is fine, but until you try them out and start to catch fish using them, you haven’t really learnt.

Coarse fishing tip 2a – talk to local anglers at each water and that can help you to modify and adapt your techniques. A good alternative to this is to get hold of a fishing DVD or two, such as The Ultimate guide to coarse fishing. This DVD  is by far the best one of them, plenty of information about different types of fishing, some easy to follow topics broken down into small chunks via a fairly good menu so you can watch a topic and easily go back to it if you want to look at it again. Ideal for the beginner or anyone wanting to get back into fishing. It is done in a professional manner. The narrator is qualified and communicates very well. Covers all the basics you need to get you started in the main aspects of the sport. Set pieces have been set up for maximum clarity.

Top coarse fishing tips: number 3

Buy the best quality equipment that you can afford. Sounds logical – well yes, it is. But often not done. The temptation for a beginner to coarse fishing would be to buy as cheaply as possible, just in case he or she doesn’t like it. But using poor quality equipment will be unsatisfactory. Casting will be poor. Sensitivity will be poor and the whole coarse fishing experience will be negative.

Coarse fishing tip 3a … don’t be so greedy, we have given you two bonus coarse fishing tips already!

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