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Hardy Marksman Specialist 15′ Float Rod

Using the right rod for the job is essential for success in angling, however, not everyone can afford several different rods.

Luckily, there are some all-round very good rods that allow the average angler to have a versatile rod that he or she can use successfully at many different venues.

I’ve never liked the terminology that refers to fish other than salmon and trout as “coarse.” There’s absolutely nothing coarse about a battle with a large or determined fish that just happens not to be a salmon or trout! I’ve always been partial to coarse fishing. I’m not exactly sure why, but I do know that I truly enjoy stalking the wide variety of fish species found in this category. For that reason, over the years I’ve collected a good amount of coarse fishing tackle that I’ve chosen mostly because of its all-around usefulness. Here’s some information about a rod I especially favour: the Hardy Marksman Specialist 15′ float rod.

Key Features of the Hardy Marksman Specialist 15′ Float Rod
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