Using Waggler Floats

Techniques of fishing with waggler floats.

Fishing on the drop.

Fishing on the drop is a technique used with waggler floats where the fish take the bait as it falls through the water. But if they don’t take it as it falls, leave it on the bottom for a while before re-casting just in case a fish takes a fancy to it when it has settled. Chuck a few maggots (or whatever else you are using for bait) in each time you cast.

The waggler float is weighted at the base but is trimmed using small shot on the line between the hook and waggler float. Plumb the depth and use stopper shot to position the float. Add the lowest dropper shot and then add the mid-point shot, half way between the float and hook. If necessary, should the float require further trimming, you can add some more weight between the mid-point shot and lowest shot.

If you know the water contains large fish, use a full bodied waggler float but if they are smaller an insert waggler would be more sensitive.

A variation to fishing on the drop with a waggler float is to fish with the bait not reaching the bottom. With this method, it is important to bait up every 60 seconds or so but just with small amounts. Cast beyond the area where you are baiting and draw the float back to your target area. Setting up of the waggler float is the same as for the bottom fishing method.

Fishing on the bottom

Plumb the depth and place all of the weighing and trimming shot about 5 or 6 inches from the hook. If it is windy, spread the shot and that will help to prevent the rig drifting away from your chosen area as it will create much more drag against the bottom.

When a fish takes the bait, it may lift the bait and shot off the bottom so be ready to strike if the waggler float lifts. If the fish stays close to the bottom, you will get the customary dip bite.

In either case, float adaptor and swivel, you can change floats accordingly. Giving small tweaks on the line can induce the fish to bite. If you are distance fishing, a loaded waggler is good and can be fine tuned with some dropper shot.

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