Waggler Floats for Coarse Fishing

Waggler floats for coarse fishing are the popular choice. But why?

Basically, using waggler floats for coarse fishing is the logical choice. They are sensitive, you can adjust the depth very easily and there are such a wide variety readily available from tackle shops and online.

Waggler floats for coarse fishing

Clear waggler floats unloaded X 10 mixed

10 mixed NEW Unloaded Waggler Floats.

5 straight (wide tip), 5 insert (narrow tip), shotting sizes 2BB to 7BB. These floats are perfect for fishing for a variety of coarse fish within UK mainland and UK rivers.The floats are very fine and sensitive for immaculate bite indication, yet they are very firm, strong and robust.

Review:  The floats are alright but on the insert floats the top and bottom come off very easy but fixed with a little glue so no problem, the good thing about the floats are the bodys it is made from nice thick tubing so they take some knocking about to snap them, i stepped on one and it didn’t even mark it

Verdict: Worth the couple of quid, even if you have to get the superglue out for one or two.

Pack of 5 Crystal Wide Tip Waggler Floats

A good quality pack of 5 fine tip waggler floats.

Review: Husband says they were great, just what he wanted! Good selection, fine quality very pleased.Not used them yet, bit of a fair weather fisherman!

Verdict: Definitely worth it if you are looking for inexpensive but decent insert waggler floats for coarse fishing.

3 Bagging Waggler Method Floats for Carp Fishing

We haven’t tried these but the sales pitch claims this is an absolute killing method on the right day. If you haven’t already got some of these in your tackle box then these are for you! An essential part of all carp anglers kit to get the edge on heavily fished waters.
If anyone has used them or the method and wants to comment on how good or bad the method or floats are, email webmaster at chevinside dot com and we will add your comment to this page if it is legal and decent!

Set of 5 Drennan Merge Waggler Coarse Fishing Floats

  • Classic insert peacock waggler.
  • Long stepped insert is ideal for detecting lift or hold up bites.
  • 5 Different sizes of float.
  • Brightly coloured high visibility tops.
  • Supplied in a hard plastic storage tube.

The unique design of the Merge Waggler is in its double insert top section. This allows the angler to judge the fall of the bait through the water and identify any hold ups that may occur on the drop.

Verdict: If you can afford them, then these Drennan waggler floats for coarse fishing would make a good addition to your tackle box.


2 x MIDDY LD LOADED MINI WAGGLERS SIZE: 3AAA & 2.5BB ON LINE 21cm Ideal short dumpy wagglers for trotting the far bank.


Disclaimer: The verdicts are just our opinion on whether or not we thing these waggler floats for coarse fishing represent good value for money. The verdict is not given from first hand experience and is given for information purposes only. This should not be used as a buying guide.

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